Tic Tac «Refresh a mood!»

Summer activation in Sochi Park

Campaign period

15.07.17 – 15.08.17


To attract the attention of consumers to the Tic Tac brand by an extraordinary way, to give them a particularly positive “fresh” mood and to convey to the target audience the optimistic character of the brand.


What do make our life interesting? POSITIVE EMOTIONS!

They REFRESH our perception of the world and make us look at things happening  to us in a different way.


The decision was based on the association of integration elements with freshness.

It was chosen the territory of the main park’s resort of the country — Sochi Park –  with a traffic of more than 10 000 people per day. There was held a bright and memorable BTL campaign called “Tic Tac. Refresh a mood!”.

How did we do it

«Arch Of Freshness»

The hedge tunnel was branded and turned into a TIC TAC freshness Arch. Shade and built-in water sprayers perfectly refreshed visitors in a hot weather.

«Arch Of Freshness»
Lounge zone

Lounge zone

Sitting on puffs in the shade, visitors could take a breath, freshen up with the help of spray guns, charge gadgets for free and take part in an exciting quest.

The quest «Code of freshness»

In each location players had to find one digit – part of the secret code from the branded safe that was in the lounge area. The tips in the memo player helped to find the digits. As soon as all 4 digits were found, they had to be placed in the correct order — the safe had been opening and the winners received the original prizes from Tic Tac.

The quest «Code of freshness»
Attraction «The Dragon Gorynych»

Attraction «The Dragon Gorynych»

The attraction was branded in several places, including the exit tunnel, where thrill-seekers were met by TIC TAC dragees with wishes of fresh emotions, as well as an area under the attraction. The Tic Tac logo was placed in such a way that the contact with of the audience with the brand was carried out at the peak of emotions when the trolley rushed down from the highest point of the attraction. Especially note worthy was the fact that the logo could be seen even from space in Google maps.

«Tic Tac Cube»

The construction branded under the well-known Tic Tac pack was equipped with cameras, a room for the operator and plasma. Visitors received a fun task, the successful execution of which brought a prize: a branded photo, a spray gun, a panama hat or Tic Tac pack.

Tic Tac Cube caused a real stir around it — from the first days it was surrounded by dozens of visitors, among whom was the entire animation staff of the Park, who forgot about their duties. As a result the prizes which were calculated for the entire period of the campaign ended in 5 days and the Agency urgently had to replenish the prize fund.

«Tic Tac Cube»


The results of the project exceeded the expected ones three times!

13540 people refreshed their emotions in Cube

1018 people got new emotions in quests

8000 people had a rest in the lounge zone

28260 people were refreshed on the ride «Dragon Gorynych»